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The Party's Over 2016®

Posted by Chris Barnett on
The Party's Over 2016®
Peter Missing
The Party's Over 2016®

Peter Missing is the enigmatic artist and activist behind the legendary “The Party’s Over” icon. As a painter who quickly became skeptical of Soho’s gallery scene Missing became an integral part of the creative community in the Lower East Side. After a stint in Berlin he moved back to New York City in 1985 to fight gentrification, slumlords and crooked police bringing with him the concept for an industrial music group he founded called Missing Foundation. No strangers to the hardships of the Lower East Side, Missing and his band organized the protest that sparked the Tompkins Square Park Riots and other high profile actions against a city government that was not, in Missing and company’s opinion, doing enough to help protect the poor and creative classes.

Of all of his work, Missing’s most recognizable is the upside down martini glass icon known as “The Party’s Over”. Credos and slogans denouncing capitalism and police would often accompany the image all over the LES and other parts of Manhattan. Creativity has always been part of Missing’s ideology and he believes it can lead to happiness and love. Missing feels that art needs to have a strong message and that, due to the times, it will by nature be political. He has taught young people, organized against the forces he feels hold people back and used the streets as and his music as a platform to get his message out. Global warming, food policy and a widening wealth gap all have a place in the conversation that has surrounded “The Party’s Over”.

Alife will release a signed and numbered edition of 10 unique works, hand-forged iron key chains and two t-shirts featuring artwork by Peter Missing.


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